Dog Rescues and Shelters in Conneticut

1) Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut

Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut is a team of volunteers committed to rescuing lost and abused animals in the South. They have a three-step program in place for the animals, with a special team committed to:

– Rescue 

– Transporting 

– Training.

Victoria and Americo, the organization’s founders, are animal lovers who are adamant about protecting animals and are well-versed in dog behavior.

On the website, you can adopt, volunteer and foster, or donate to this wonderful company. There are still puppies and dogs for rescue, as well as cats. Any adoption involves a contract to ensure that the owners are a good match for the animal.

Adopting a puppy

Making any animal a part of your family is a big responsibility, and puppies are no different. Before adopting one make sure that you are ready for the commitment both mentally and financially. At the Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut, there is always a puppy to be adopted and a staff member to help you out with the process. 

Available cats & dogs

Here you can learn all about the available cats and dogs for adoption in the shelter. After the formal application, you can be invited to see and meet the animal and continue with the adoption.

2) The Connecticut Humane Society

The Connecticut Humane Society is one of the oldest animal shelters in the state that rescues thousands of animals every year. They are a dedicated team of workers and volunteers that provide rescue, medical care, rehabilitation, and adoption to every animal in need. 

The shelter Connecticut Humane Society also has an outreach branch where through different educational programs learners of all ages can participate. There is a youth program, adult program, PETtalks, and much more.


The Connecticut Humane Society has a strong adoption program with counselors that are at your disposal and ready to help. The pets go through all sorts of rehabilitation, medical care, vaccinations, and they are spayed/neutered before adoption. A legal agreement is a part of the adoption.


If you are not able to adopt a puppy or a dog you can contribute in other ways, like volunteering. This way you can foster a pet, and prepare it for adoption or work in Newington, Waterford or Westport.


Most shelters depend on the generosity of the donators like you. Even the smallest effort can mean a world of difference to someone. You can always donate online, or provide the necessary food and supplies. 

3) Our Companions Animal Rescue

Our Companions Animal Rescue was established in 2002, and today represents one of the most beautiful animal shelters in New England. They are dedicated to saving older, abused, and neglected animals, and providing them with the necessary medical care along with stress-free living conditions. 

Our Companion’s Sanctuary is a specialized place of care for cats and dogs with medical or behavioral problems. This is where all the magic or rehabilitation takes place and where animals are prepared for their forever home. This shelter also offers:

Dog Behavior and Training

Problems with aggression and behavior are one of the most common reasons why dogs get abandoned in the first place. This is why the Our Companions Animal Rescue offers special treatment for such dogs in an effort to keep them in their homes. This is where they can learn:

  • Crate training
  • Housebreaking training
  • Nail trimming phobia 
  • Thunderstorm phobia

Dog Rehoming

To prevent some dogs from even being in shelters, this organization offers help with finding a new home for dogs and they remain with the owner until then.

Dog Adoption

If you are looking to adopt a dog the adoption program is there for you. With help from the shelter throughout the adoption and animal’s entire life. You can find a perfect match for yourself and take home your new best friend.

4) Save All Dogs Rescue

Save All Dogs Rescue is a non-profit organization in Manchester dedicated to the rescue of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats. Their goal is to offer a comfortable life to animals who are eligible for adoption and help new owners adopt a dog or a cat.

All animals are medically treated and evaluated before the adoption process even begins, this way you can be sure that the animal is in optimal health and with no behavioral issues. You can check out:

Available animals for adoption

If you want to adopt a puppy or an older dog, this is the place to be. With many adorable animals looking for their forever home and friendly staff you can make the adoption happen in no time. There are certain fees that are later dedicated to further rescue activities.

Adopted animals

Save All Dogs Rescue is working very hard to provide homes to many abandoned animals, and here you can see some of the success stories of animals that got adopted.

5) SPCA of Connecticut Inc.

SPCA of Connecticut is a true no-kill shelter that is dedicated to all animals in need. They function primarily through donations and volunteering, and since they have a no-kill policy they are also funding some surgeries that no other shelter would consider. Here you can:

Adopt a dog

The SPCA of Connecticut Inc. works with North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website where you can find a list of available animals who are available for adoption. You have many options like:

  • Adopting from a shelter
  • Adopting from a rescue
  • Adopting from a Rehome Private Owner

Depending on your preferences and wishes, you can adopt a pet from this site in a few simple steps. The rescue center is often the safest option because they are closely screening each animal and thus provide the new owners with all the right information and tools.

Adopt a cat

Here you can also find abandoned cats who are ready for a new home. On the site there is also a lot of useful information for new pet owners like pet care and health, that can prevent the cycle of abandoned animals from repeating. 

6) Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, Inc.

Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, Inc. is a dog rescue shelter established in 2014 as a non-profit organization. They are focused on rescuing all dog breeds and placing them in foster homes until the adoption process. They are primarily saving urgent cases in high-kill shelters in the state of Connecticut.

All dogs are then evaluated and medical care is provided if needed. In the process of evaluating the rescue center also deals with behavioral issues before placing the dogs in the appropriate foster homes for rehabilitation. Here is what you can do:


Furry Friends Foster and Rescue is all about finding a new home for all abandoned dogs. Here you can get familiar with the process of adoption, from choosing the dog, home visits, and all the paperwork needed. Since the best interests of the dog must come first, and though they are abandoned, they will not be rescued by someone who does not go through all of the requisite tests.


Like most non-profit organizations this one also depends on the willingness of the volunteers to help out. These are some of the jobs that are always opened:

  • Assistance at events;
  • Transportation;
  • Fundraising;
  • Fostering.


Furry Friends Foster and Rescue don’t have a facility with kennels, so each dog is placed in one of the foster homes. The application might be simple, but to actually become a foster family you have to go through certain background checks, to make sure the dogs are sent to a safe environment.

7) Halfway Home Rescue

Halfway Home Rescue Inc. is a non-profit group devoted to preserving the lives of hundreds of injured, neglected, and displaced animals during the year, both locally and globally. Halfway Home Rescue started as a tiny group, but it has grown tremendously over the last decade. The urgency for saving abandoned animals is stronger now than ever before. The shelter has made many contacts that aid in the rescue and adoption of all animals in need.

They also have a dedicated place for animals that are not suitable for adoption called Lifers. These cats and dogs have terminal illnesses, and social issues but they are still cared for by the lovely staff and volunteers.

Dog adoption

Here are few puppies who are up for adoption and looking for permanent homes. The registration process takes three to four days, and certain adoption contribution payments are fully tax-deductible. Once you have found the right puppy or dog for you, you will sign a contract and have all of the medical records at your disposal.

Cat adoption

Like dogs, there are some cats available for adoption as well. The procedure is similar and cats also come with full medical documentation and some extra PetSmart coupons to get you started.

8) Dog Star Rescue

Dog Star Rescue is a non-profit organization that works closely with shelters in the South to rescue dogs that are on death row. They have placed over 3,000 dogs in new families and continue the volunteer work to this day. 

Dog Star Rescue also has a group of dedicated volunteers that help owners find their lost dogs by the name of Dog Gone Recovery. They have formed specialized ways of finding dogs through mapping, assistance, social media, video support, and much more.

Adopt a dog

With a huge amount of abandoned and rescued dogs coming every week, there is always a chance to find your new best friend. The application is filled online and then screened by the staff. If you are eligible to adopt a dog, you will be contacted with further guidance. 

9) Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS)

The Danbury Animal Welfare Society was established in 1974 by Sherrie Delaney and Anne Tracey with a group of volunteers. Since the foundation, the organization grew and today they have shelter in Connecticut and an on-site clinic that provides basic medical treatments. The clinic also offers low-cost spaying/neutering for the public and that helps control the population of abandoned animals.

Adopt puppies and dogs

It’s up to you to decide what type of rescue dog would be a good fit for your family, and the staff members of the Danbury Animal Welfare Society will help you along the way. This is also a good place to learn about:

  • Dogs and children
  • Crate training
  • General training

If you want to adopt a puppy or a dog, you are going to fill the application after which there will be a meet and greet with your potential new best friend. There are certain fees for adopting puppies and dogs that provide them with the necessary medical care like vaccines, deworming, testing, and spaying/neutering. All fees are not refundable but they are tax-deductible because it is a non-profit organization.

10) Protectors of Animals

Protectors of Animals is a non-profit organization established in 1975, working as a no-kill shelter and rescue. This is one of the oldest organizations in the country and equipped with trained professionals and volunteers. They also have a dedicated blog that can help owners adapting to new family members on four paws.

Adoptable Dogs

Here you can fin all about dogs that are available for adoption. There are certain limitations as the shelter doesn’t allow families with children under the age of 6 or individuals or families that live outside Connecticut to adopt a dog. Every potential dog owner and dog has to be a perfect match.


Shelters like Protectors of Animals are based on volunteer work and donations. This is why one of the ways you can help is by becoming a valued member. Volunteers can be assigned on various tasks from foster care, fundraising, helping around the supplies and much more.


If you wish to be a part of the solution and help, but you don’t have time for volunteering you can always choose to donate. Donations are fueling the whole organization and making it possible for puppies and dogs to get adopted. Here are some ways to donate:

  • Bequest by will
  • Gift of Cash
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Retirement Plan Assets
  • Charitable Trusts

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