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Are you looking for top dog trainers in New Jersey? We’ve compiled a list of 20 best dog trainers you can find in this Mid-Atlantic state. 

1) Fix My Dog

If you are looking for someone with decades of experience, Fix My Dog dog trainers from New Jersey should be your number one pick. 

What makes them different from other trainers, is that they use a balanced approach to not just address the current problems, but to help understand your dog better and establish a better relationship.

Fix My Dog Training Methods 

Fix my dog uses a so-called 90/10 balanced approach. This is a method they’ve used for New Jersey for 36 years and it has yet to fail.

But what is this method about? This is a 90% rewards-based training, combined with 10% unwanted behavior interruption. Of course, not every dog is the same but their extensive knowledge and experience with 100’s different techniques will ensure quick, effective, and long-lasting results.

If you hop over to their website, you will find three available training programs:

  1. Dog boot camp – this is a somewhat exclusive dog training in New Jersey as they only take two pups at each given moment so the trainers can focus solely on them the entire day. 
  2. Pre-arrival puppy training – this is one of the more interesting dog training programs we came across since you (and your entire family) are offered a training session that will prepare you for your new puppy. The training session will cover such problems as command disobeying, chewing everything they come across, whining and barking, and much more.
  3. Dogs and kids training – this is a training program meant to teach your kids how to behave around dogs and vice versa. 

You can also schedule online training sessions via skype or zoom calls. At the time of writing this article, they are offering a special “COVID19” discount so you can get:

  • One hour session for $175 (instead of the regular $225)
  • Half-hour session for $90 (instead of $125)  and
  • One hour aggressive dog session for $225

2) Bark Busters Home Dog Training

Bark Busters is a dog training program that has been running in New Jersey for the past 13 years. The man behind it is Greg Kleva, a certified dog behavioral therapist and a master trainer. 

So, what brought up the name “Home dog training” program? Well, Greg’s experience showed dogs learn good behaviors (and correct poor ones) quicker in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by the people they love.

Their philosophy is that dogs are much more concentrated this way and feel less stressed out. If you think about it, this does make sense, and if you give them a call, you’ll see if it holds for your dog as well.

Bark Busters website offers three training programs to choose from:

  1. Puppy training – if you’d like to get your puppy on the right track from the very start, this is the program to choose from. It starts straight away, a few days after you get the puppy, and covers common issues such as walking on a leash, basic movement commands, socializing, housebreaking, and bad behavior correcting.
  2. Behavior therapy – behavior therapy is meant for owners with already problematic dogs. Dogs that are prone to aggression, barking, biting, destructive behavior, inappropriate toileting, etc.
  3. Obedience training – dog obedience training will, of course, cover the basic commands such as sit, stand, walk to heel, but also incorporate more advanced ones, if you are up for it. It will improve your ability to “communicate” with your dog and become a better pack leader, so to speak.

Bark Busters also offer unique, lifetime support, to give you that peace of mind and ensure you are satisfied with the final result.

3) New Jersey Dog Trainer Renee Premaza

Renee Premaza is the heart and soul behind “Jersey Dog Trainer” and has been an obedience training for 19 years. 

During these 19 years, Renee dealt with such issues as housetraining,  mild to moderate aggression, Leash reactivity, And stress disorders. Although she is located in New Jersey She can help you no matter which city you’re in As long as you speak English and have a good internet connection.   

Renee Training Methodology

Renee’s methodology has always been To reward good behaviors And avoid harsh punishments. When you apply Force And aggression to your dog when they make a mistake what they’ll do is learn to avoid behaviors that lead to punishment. Not only that your dog May hey Become afraid of you and view you as the source of pain and discomfort. This will destroy your relationship and Undermine the entire training process.

If you, on the other hand, reward good behaviors your dog will want to do more of them. This way you’re giving your dog a chance to behave properly while strengthening the bond between the two of you. 

Training Options

Ask for the training options, you have two:

  • Online zoom call – Which generally costs $110 an hour And $210 for 2 hours. 2-hours is recommended For the first time consultation 
  • In-home dog obedience training – In-home training session costs $220  per visit.  and if you decide To go for the 4 visits package, you will save $70

4) The Trained Canine

The man running The Trained Canine is Scott Fischer. Fisher has been training dogs in New Jersey professionally since 2002 as a certified mentor trainer and a Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. The association of professional dog trainers Is the country’s leading Dog trainers organization and follows a strict set of ethical guidelines In helping our four-legged friends.

The Trained Canine training program is divided into two separate branches:

  1. Obedience training and 
  2. Dealing with problematic behavior and aggression

Obedience Training

Obedience training is a private, in-house training program Which Focuses on the individual needs of your puppy/ dog.

Depending on your needs, you can decide to go with:

  • Head start puppy training – Head Start puppy training Is used to train your puppy from the moment they stepped through your door. Puppy training consists of 5Weekly sessions, each session lasting one hour on average. 
  • Basic obedience training – Basic obedience training is meant for dogs over 6 months old. It will cover Establishing proper rapport, Standard commands such as sit, stay, come and drop it, And how to address common behavior problems.
  • Advanced on and off-leash training – Some people like to move past the basic obedience training and learn how to control their dogs better.  They want to advance more demanding tasks and be able to control their dog even when they’re not on the leash.

Problem Behaviors

For one reason or the other, the dog may develop and demonstrate several different aggressive behaviors. As dog owners, we need to address these behaviors as soon as possible, you can just hope they will go away on their own because they won’t. 

Quite Contrary, if not addressed properly, aggression will be more pronounced and come about more easily. Our training program will help your dog react to these triggers more appropriately and avoid overly aggressive behavior. 

5) Michael’s Pack

The coaches at Michael’s Pack are experts who believe in positive reinforcement training. As a result, you will have a wonderful and caring relationship with your dog without having to resort to outdated and cruel practices. Michael Schaier, the owner and lead dog trainer, is an author of several dog training books as well as an evaluator for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizens (CGC) exam. He and his partners advocate positive dog training that fosters reciprocal love and trust.

They offer a variety of training programs to ensure that there is the right course for every dog:

Puppy Training

If you have the opportunity, train your dog when he or she is a puppy. This is one of the quickest and simplest ways to train your future best friend, and it consists of the following steps:

  • Potty training a puppy
  • Crate Training

Dog Obedience Training

If your dog exhibits undesirable behaviors such as leaping, barking, biting, and others, it can create trouble in your house, when encountering people, or when communicating with other animals. Michael’s Pack can teach a wide range of activities to dogs and can collaborate with them on several programs or a particular behavioral problem, like:

  • Leash behavior
  • Jumping
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Barking

At Michel’s Pack, they also offer one-on-one sessions, group classes, and even in-home dog training as one of the most effective ways to teach your dog in their natural habitat and the place they spend the most time in.

6) Jersey Shore Dogs

Jersey Shore Dogs is a group of experts who provide a range of programs for dog owners and their dogs that are focused on non-violent dog training and consultation. They are committed to using reinforcement-based teaching to create a safe environment. You would be able to form a relationship with your puppy or adult dog without terror, discomfort, or coercion if you do it this way.

They offer:

Obedience and behavior training

These types of training are usually performed at your home or neighborhood, where the trainer can see and correct the problematic behavior. The training resolves barking, jumping, biting, aggression, and much more.

Puppy training

There is a puppy kindergarten group available here, but there is also specialized training that teaches the appropriate behavior, especially in stubborn puppies like Akitas, Huskies, and Chihuahuas. Besides the basic socialization, the puppy can learn some commands, advanced commands, house training, leash walking, etc.

Dog aggression training

Sometimes, the dogs can show various signs of aggression that can compromise the trust and loving relationship with the owner. This is why the Jersey Shore Dogs have a special training program for aggressive dogs, where the behavior is corrected and balance restored without the use of force or other fear-based techniques. 

7) Canine Dimensions

This amazing training center was created by a nationally known dog trainer and one of the first people who implemented the reward-based dog training, Phil Guida. He created a new way of training dogs and also making it achievable for dog owners to understand and continue the practice at home.

With many years of experience and a great team of experts, the Canine Dimensions offer:

Dog training

This is by far the most popular and effective way to solve any behavioral problem your dog might have. No matter if the dog is young or old, or how severe the problem might look, a team of professionals will train your dog in your house.

Puppy training

One of the best ways to ensure a long-term and loving relationship with your dog is, to begin with, the training as early as possible. This is why there is a separate program for puppies where they can learn how to socialize, learn basic obedience, and good manners. 

Fear and aggression training

Fear and aggression often go hand in hand, and this behavior can not be changed with punishment. This is why professionals must approach the dog and problem with new and effective ways of training. Canine Dimensions offer amazing training and counter-conditioning protocols that can aid in the rehabilitation of dogs suffering from hostility, fear, phobias, GAD, separation anxiety, and shyness

8) NJ D.O.G.S. Training Center

NJ DOGS Training Center is a team of caring and highly-trained professionals dedicated to owners and their pets. They are promoting positive training and specialized one-on-one sessions where the owner is actively learning how to address the dog and prevent potential problems. They have many courses available, like:

Basic Obedience Training

The basic obedience training is in form of individualized lessons where the owner and the dog should form a trustworthy bond and thus make it easier for both to enjoy. Because these courses are one-on-one the training program is specially tailored to suit the dog and address issues. 

Puppy Training

From 8 weeks of age, puppies are mature enough to start the basic training program, which will ensure proper behavior and avoid potential future problems. This is where the puppies are socialized, introduced to basic commands, and with that preventing fearful and aggressive behavior.

Behavior Modification

If for some reason the dog is showing problematic behavior, the NJ D.O.G.S. Training Center has a special team dedicated to the rehabilitation of such dogs.

9) Exclusive Dog Training

Exclusive Dog Training is a specialized center for training dogs that are considered to be harder to train. With the implementation of humane and positive reinforcement, along with years of experience, the team offers fast and effective training that is suited for each dog personally.

Dog Aggression

With a specialized approach and a plan for every dog, the Exclusive Dog Training is here to show you that even aggressive dogs can be taught to behave. With simple, yet effective commands the dog learns how to self-regulate and bond with the owner.

Dog Obedience

If the dog is showing less severe signs of disobedience, like pulling on the leash, barking, not responding when called and others, this might be the perfect program for it. 

K9 Protection

This course is specialized in training protection dogs used in personal protection, with the accent on the importance of training. Since this is a highly sensitive program that forms a protective dog, it’s best to leave it to professionals. 

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