Dog Trainers in Massachusetts

1.  Sit Means Sit

This dog training center was established by Fred Hassen, author of many educational videos and promoter of the “Sit means sit” approach to dog training. He is a professional dog-handler with years of experience with different breeds and characters.

The training at its core is based on attention training, which uses different tools and techniques to achieve the goal of an obedient dog. The specially developed Sit means Sit collar is the number one thing in the training program.

They offer a variety of training sessions like:

  •         Private lessons
  •         Group lessons
  •         Puppy training
  •         Lifetime Training

Dog training collar 

Training collars are an essential tool in this training center. They are using a specially made Sit means Sit collar that promotes attention training and is able to suit any dog breed or size. 

Contrary to beliefs the collar is not harmful to the dog, and it can be modified. It uses electric impulses to regulate unwanted behavior, and that deals with even the most extreme cases of dog aggression. It’s not a painful rather surprising and attention-grabbing mechanism that helps the dog with the focus.

2. Leader of the Pack

Ida Lyons Geering the owner and the trainer in the Leader of the Pack is an experienced dog handler with years of working and volunteering in different places and locations. She is the promoter of the positive approach training and this dog training center is all about “Lure-Reward Training”.

This ensures gentle, yet effective dog training and enabling forming of strong connections between the owner and the dog. Training sessions are tailored to suit the needs of every specific dog.

Group classes

This is an amazing opportunity for your puppy or a dog to socialize while learning new skills. The class is divided into two training groups: basic obedience and second level obedience class. Here your dog can learn some commands like sit, lay down, come when called, etc. However, the training also deals with unwanted behavior such as barking, jumping, and more.

Private lessons

The Leader of the Pack also offers private lessons for dogs and their owners in the comfort of their own homes. There are a lot of programs from which you can choose from like:

  •         Leader of the pack 101
  •         The Right Start Package
  •         Obedience with Distractions Course
  •         Housebreaking Program

3. New England K-9 School For Dogs

The New England K-9 School for Dogs was established in 1973 and they have been working with various breeds and problematic dogs ever since. They are approaching the training from the owner’s perspective and ensuring strong leading owners are formed. The philosophy is that the owner is shaping the dog, not the other way around.

They offer a variety of training programs suited for every dog individually thus they are able to train them all equally. It doesn’t matter how old the dog is or are there problematic behaviors at hand, the schools for dogs have a solution for everyone.

Obedience training

Head trainer Sol Oven has been in the business for over 40 years, and with that amount of experience, he is offering multiple classes and programs in this school, like:

  •         All Phases of Family Pet Obedience
  •         Correction of Problem Dog Issues
  •         Puppy Consultations
  •         Guard Dog Training

All aiming to establish a good connection between the owner and the dog, and making it a permanent family member.

Specialty training

New England K-9 School for Dogs has a specialty training program meant for dogs in hunting, search and rescue, protection, and much more. These specialty training programs include:

  •         AKC Obedience
  •         Personal Protection
  •         Police Training
  •         Tracking

4. Greater Boston Dog

Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg the owner and passionate animal enthusiast is the main character behind the Greater Boston Dog. With years of experience, training, and volunteering he offers a variety of programs that specialize in creating a permanent bond between the owner and the dog.

As dogs usually live in packs Zephyr recognizes the need for Alpha members of the pack and teaches the owners how to become one. This way your pet would feel safe and at the same time be better at impulse control and obedience.

Adult dogs

After the initial professional assessment, you can choose one of many programs for adult dogs depending on your needs and preferences. 


The best time to train any dog is when they are still puppies if you have that opportunity. This way a lot of unwanted behavior can be prevented. Greater Boston Dog offers many puppy classes where they can socialize and learn basic commands. 

Behavior modification

If the dog is showing some behavioral issues there is a program that can help you better understand your pet and train it accordingly.

5. Pack of Paws

Since 2010, Pack of Paws has become a specialized organization of experienced trainers devoted to dog training services. The group is designed specifically for shy and sensitive dogs that exhibit symptoms of aggression and have social skills issues. 

Pack of Paws now has 10,000 square feet of open training space, equipped with soft padding and perfect for one of their special agility courses. They also offer doggy daycare, where puppies and adult dogs can socialize and stay while the owners are busy.

Remote learning

While the experts agree that in-person learning is the most effective way, when circumstances don’t allow it like today, there are online classes available. This way you and your dog can learn together and solve some potential behavior problems.

Puppy training

Knowing that it is best to start early the Pack of Paws professionals offer special programs just for puppies. There is a puppy kindergarten where they have the chance to socialize and learn obedience.

Board and train

This is a great option for owners who want the best training possible and don’t have the time. This way the dog is staying with one of the trainers and learning all the social and obedience tricks.

6. Argos Dog Training

Established by the enthusiastic dog lover Martin, Argos Dog Training offers effective dog training programs that suit every breed and temperament. With years of experience working with the most difficult and stubborn dogs, Martin and his team developed a new and effective approach to dog training.

Argos Dog Training believes in balanced dog training, with the purpose of bonding with the owner and enabling a happy and long life. Dogs are assessed and each one gets a specialized program depending on the needs and concerns. 

Private Dog Training Classes

These private and one-on-one classes are an amazing choice for dog owners who are willing to learn along with the dog, and practice training skills. This way the owner gets to bond with the dog, establishing a healthy relationship. 

Habit Breaker, Habit Maker Program

Considering it takes up to 30 days for your dog to form a habit, this specialized program offers just that – 30 days for your dog to live with the trainer and learn all the necessary social and obedience skills.

Puppy training

Puppy training is divided into:

  •         Puppy kindergarten – Where the dog can learn basic social skills and some commands, and
  •         Adolescent dog socialization – For puppies 13 – 20 weeks to continue the socialization and advance in obedience.

7. North Boston Dog Training

The concept behind this amazing training center revolves around the idea that understanding the dog as an animal, with all the characteristics of the breed comes first. They use Combined Component Dog Training, which entails the use of both reward-based strategies and aversive cue conditioning.

The North Boston Dog Training center specializes in off-leash training, behavior modification, and boot camps, by teaching the dog how to think and make better decisions.

Dog training

Basic dog training at the North Boston Dog Training has a few different approaches. There are private training sessions, 2-week day school training, and stay and train boot camp.

Behavior modification

If the dog is showing signs of aggression, destructive behavior, fearful and shy personality, and other behavioral issues there is a special program at this center. This way each dog is assessed and trained accordingly.

Protection dog training

Team of well-educated dog handlers and trainers also provide training for dogs that are meant for personal protection as well as Schutzhund (A sport that assesses a dog’s tracking, discipline, and safety abilities, as well as whether the dog has the necessary attributes and characteristics of a healthy working dog)

8. Colonial Dog Training

Jackie O’Neil and her amazing team of dog trainers are providing the local community with a great program where each dog, no matter the breed or behavior, gets a chance. 

They use reward-based training and have experience dealing with some of the more challenging dogs. This has proved to be one of the most successful teaching tactics, with astounding results.

Puppy Training

The goal of puppy training is the prevention of bad behavior in the future. The early start can be essential for proper dog training, and this is by far the most effective way to go. A lot of puppy-like behavior like biting, hyperactivity, and barking can be changed in a few short sessions.

In-Home Dog Training

Dogs are behaving a certain way at home due to a lot of various circumstances, this is why an in-home training session is a good idea. This way the trainer can visit your home, assess the dog, and help you modify all unwanted behaviors. 

Aggressive Dog Training

Aggressive dogs are often considered the hardest to work with, but at Colonial Dog Training they believe that the dog is just misunderstood. With various approaches and training sessions, almost all dogs can become loving members of the family.

9. Absolute K-9 Solutions

Ian and Vicky are the creators and certified dog trainers behind the Absolute K-9 Solutions. With its team of professionals, the center offers amazing programs for puppies, adult dogs, and even dogs with aggressive tendencies. Here are some of the programs available:

Group lessons

Some dogs are amazing in groups and some not so much. This is a good training program for socialization and basic obedience. However, you have to check and see if your dog is suitable to join.

Board and train

This is a long-term training program in which the dog is staying in the facilities and learns obedience, basic commands, and socializes daily. When the process is done, the owner is taught how to handle the dog from then on.

Reactive dog class

Reactive dogs are often regarded as aggressive due to the lack of impulse control. You can schedule a meeting where your dog can be assessed and proper training can begin in one of many programs specially designed for reactive dogs and their needs.

10. Follow my lead

For your canine buddies, Follow My Lead Dog Training has the best services and dependable professional dog trainers. If you are a caring dog owner who sometimes loses hold of your dog and would like to be able to take your dog virtually everywhere, this is the spot for you.


With incredible facilities for puppies, dogs, and even a doggy daycare, this dog training facility has something for everyone.

Private lessons

Some dogs are not doing well in group classes because there are too many distractions, and this is one of the reasons why private lessons can be very efficient. It doesn’t matter what the issue is – if you want your dog to be more obedient, maybe correct some behavior or even better prevent it, this specialized program is suited for every dog.

Obedience training program

This is a perfect program for dogs that have slight behavior issues because they will be in the house with the trainer for multiple days in a row. This way the trainer can introduce structure and obedience with the usage of multiple tools and techniques including e-collar.

Puppy program

This one-of-a-kind board and train experience are for puppies from 16 weeks to 6 months. By living with the trainer they will be provided with care, a family environment, and most importantly all the training needed to prevent future behavior problems.

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